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Totties Pretties on Etsy

Totties Pretties on Etsy
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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Surprise, Surprise...

...I am late again. So when I last posted we had been to see Dr. Daihke about the switch to Enbrel. Our insurance approved it and I was told I would hear from them about copay and to schedule delivery. Uh huh....waited a few days...then called them. Only took one day for it to arrive after I called. Cool. Copay is reasonable too. WOO! I then called to schedule an appointment at the rheumatologist office to teach us how to give the injection. The woman who normally does this was on vacation. Great. But Dr. Daihkes nurse said not a problem..she could teach us. I thought I had prepared myself for this. The whole way down there my hands sweat, my heart raced and my mind was a jumbled mess. I was panicking. I didn't think I could do it. How can I stick a needle in my daughter knowing how terrified she is of them? Daddy to the rescue. He was cool as a cucumber!! Nurse Suzanne had us pegged the minute we walked in. She could see that Daddy was the clear choice to do the injections. Jenna suddenly had an attack of the nervous pees so I took her to the bathroom. While we were in there she and I talked about Daddy being the one to do her injections each week. She was not overly thrilled with this idea. I somehow managed to convince her and when we returned to the room Daddy and Nurse Suzanne were ready to go! Jenna sat on my lap and hugged my arm. Daddy washed his hands, cleaned her leg, pinched the skin and *poke* in and out. Done...OMG....BREATHE....I forgot to breathe. PHEW. It's done. Not so bad. Daddy was great! Jenna wasn't so bad herself. Screamed like a banshee but didn't move. Can it be this easy each week? God I sure hope so.
The next day we went to Dr. Pirones to check her eyes. I told her I would be pleasantly surprised to hear good news. I could just tell she was no better. Sure change :( So we are back up to 4x daily on Pred Forte as well as adding in Homatropine 2x daily. I HATE giving her those. She can't see and they make her even more photo phobic. BUT...I know she needs it so we do it. Something has got to give soon. Please. We go back in for another recheck on Sunday the 14th. PLEASE let it be better. Please.

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