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Totties Pretties on Etsy
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

More Cause to Celebrate :D

We have now done 2 Enbrel injections here at home. Again I must say THANK GOD for Daddy. Tuesday morning rolls around and Jenna knows what's coming. The 1st at home shot was rough. She fought with all her might. But...we got it in without incident. She cried on my lap for a good long while afterwards. *sigh* I thought to myself, "HOW are we going to do this every week?!" Then the following Tuesday she didn't fight. She whimpered, and she cried...just a teeny scream. But no fight. *phew* After it was all done she barely sat on me at all and then was off and running. And the band-aid? Didn't even make it through the day. Now...for those that know KNOW how monumental that is. Band-aids are to stay on until they FALL OFF. We do NOT take off band-aids. Hmm...maybe we CAN survive this. The BEST part of all this? It really seems to be making a difference. We could see it almost immediately. At first we thought we must be nuts. There is no way that it can work that fast. Apparently it does! In speaking with others on Enbrel that is exactly what we have heard. SWEET!
But we still were wondering...will this work on her eyes? Studies have shown that this is not the preferred drug for Uveitis. Sure it works great for RA but what good is that if it won't help her Uveitis? We saw Dr. Pirone last Sunday on the 14th. I was SO scared to hear what she had to say. Guess what? She could not find a single cell no matter how hard she looked!!!! WHAT?! Are you serious? Holy Cow! How on Earth can that be? Praise God. My baby's eyes are safe once again. For now. I'll take it. So we now are on a very slow taper of drops again. PLEASE cells...PLEASE don't come back. Let the Enbrel be the answer. That was our last appointment with Dr. Pirone. We are moving to North Carolina next Sunday June 28th. We will sure miss her.
Then...on the 18th we had a follow up with Dr. Daihke. As soon as Nurse Suzanne saw her she could tell the Enbrel was working. She said she had NEVER seen Jenna moving so much! YES! We know! Then when Dr. Daihke came in he could see it too. It was so obvious that she was feeling better. He did a physical exam and found no evidence of swelling. Yay! He also said her last set of labs looked good. Still slightly anemic but nothing to be alarmed about. He has connections with the rheumatology department at Duke in Raleigh NC so he said he would send them an email about getting Jenna an appointment . SO excited about this. This will be "one stop shopping" for us as he put it. All the doctors she will need will be right there in one place. So eager to hear what they have to say.
So the next time I post should be from NC! Can't wait!!! Ciao 4 now peeps :-P

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