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Totties Pretties on Etsy
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So how was YOUR Summer?

Sorry that I have not updated this blog for so long. We had a BUSY, BUSY Summer!! The very best part, for me anyway, is that overall Jenna remained pain free. She had some aches and pains here and there. But her rheums have explained to me that this is "normal" for a JIA kid. Even in remission, they will have breakthrough pain. AS long as it's not something that lasts, she is okay. :)

 Pictured above is Jenna riding Big Bob (read about Big Bob here.). This was her very first time riding a horse! She was blessed to receive the gift of a week of horse camp at Triple Cross Ranch. Look at her feet in this picture. See how her toes are pointed OUT? A year of PT couldn't accomplish that! Jenna and Bob formed such an amazing bond in that week of camp that Miss Kari has brought Bob out of retirement JUST for Jenna! Starting next week Jenna will get to ride and care for Bob once a week for two hours after school. Not only is this good for her physically, it soothes her soul like nothing else ever has been able to. Other than being over tired which resulted in some crankiness, we really had no SPD meltdowns for that week. And guess what, Bob has arthritis too. I think that only made Jenna love him more.

After that, we had our annual trip to the beach! Living so far inland is a big bummer for us. We LOVE the beach and used to go numerous times during the Summer. Now it's a once a year event. But, it's something to look forward to each year. We had GORGEOUS weather for our trip! Jenna spent lots of time digging in the sand, looking for treasures. But her favorite part was boogie boarding! She handled those waves like a pro! Terrified me, truly. Oh my goodness the smiles and giggles those waves brought! Many times she wiped out, getting her knees smashed on the ocean floor, completely buried in the waves. But each time she got back up and readied herself for the next big wave. Concurring that ocean was a huge accomplishment for her. Allowing her the freedom to do it was a huge accomplishment for me. :)

I can't for the life of me figure out how to rotate this darned thing on here. So I apologize for it being sideways. :p

The picture above is of Jenna and only SOME of her loot from her Dream, granted to her by Jeffrey Gottfurcht and his Dream Team! Seriously, this is only maybe HALF of it! If you haven't yet heard of JGCAF, I suggest you check it out. There is also a link at the top of the page. Jenna received gift cards to shop online at American Girl, choosing anything her heart desired. Not only did this dream bring Jenna a joy that nothing else could have, it also brought the rest of us PEACE! Hahahaha! No seriously, it's part of the SPD, regulating or modulating or something like that (I'm still learning). It is difficult if not impossible for her to keep herself occupied with anything, at all. This results in her being a pain in the patoot to anyone under the same roof as her. Since receiving these dolls, we hardly see her! She is content to sit in her closet (it's a walk in, with a light, more of a small room) changing their outfits and hairstyles over and over and over again. And smiling...she just keeps smiling. Aaaaahhhh, we have not seen this much happiness out of this little bugger in such a long time!!!

In between all of these big time events Jenna had OT twice weekly, spent lots of time in our community pool and hanging out with friends. I'd say (other than all the sibling bickering!) that this was the best Summer yet! Monday of this week Jenna started the new school year as a 3rd grader. All Summer long we heard about how much she hates school and never wants to go back. Well, Sunday night as I tucked her in, she admitted, with a BIG smile, that she was excited to go back and that Summer is boring. HA! Whadda ya know? This year in music she will learn how to play the violin. She is so excited by this! This is her last year in elementary school. Next year it's on to the intermediate school. *SIGH* My last baby, growing up.

So, how was your Summer?