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Totties Pretties on Etsy
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

I am a Little Late...

...with this post. Jenna went to Dr. Daihkes (rheum) on Friday. This was a follow up from her appointment with Dr. Foster in reference to changing her meds. I have NO idea WHO I am supposed to listen to! Dr. Foster basically said it is up to us but recommended either Humira injections at home OR IV infusions of Remicade. Hmmm...such fantastic choices. Dr. Daihke says that he has seen great success with Enbrel injections in his peds patients with JRA & Uveitis. According to Dr. Foster Enbrel will NOT work for Uveitis. HELP! Right now we are awaiting insurance approval and a Tuberculosis screening for the Enbrel. I am thinking that I would like to TRY it and see. I have faith in Dr. Daihke. I KNOW he will not jeopardize her. Yeah...and that TB test is not only required...but painful. Fabulous. She will have that done on Monday with her 5 year immunizations. I can't wait. Fridays appointment included her routine labs. Love those. My 40 lb 5 year old suddenly has super human strength and about ten extra arms and legs when someone comes at her with a needle. I am really hating this disease these last few days.

On a good note...Jenna got to perform her cheering routine with her Cheer 101 squad today :D She did SO super duper good! I am so thrilled for her that she was feeling well enough for this today. She rode that high for a few hours and has now crashed.

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