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Totties Pretties on Etsy
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Friday, February 6, 2009

In Alot of Pain

So I normally only blog after doctors appointments. No appointment but lots of swelling and pain. Her knees and one elbow have been swelling off and on. One day her knees will be big balloons. Next morning....nothing. Her elbow seems to be staying puffy. She complains alot about her back, legs and now her arms too. But does she slow down? NOOOOOOO!!!!! Yes I KNOW she is only five years old. She is playing like a normal five year old should. But that's the thing. She ISN'T a normal five year old. I hate seeing her in pain like this. Time to call the rheumatologist. Of course it's the weekend so we'll have to wait until Monday. She is currently on .6 MTX. He says there is plaenty of room to go up. She is also taking her prescription strength ibuprofen 3x daily. Cheer 101 starts in less than a month. She is so looking forwrad to it. We have GOT to get this under control by then.


Lesli said...

Hi, I am sorry to hear about Jenna. I was just wondering how long she has been on her mtx? My daughter has been on hers for about three months with only minimal change. We have discussed enbrel with her doctors a little but I am not sure I am ready for that. I hope she Jenna starts to feel better SOON!!


Amy Cunningham said...

Hi Lesli...Jenna has been on MTX since Sept. 08. She started out oat .4 but was moved up to .6 ummmm maybe in November? Not certain of that. I need to start keeping better track! I was told to give it at LEAST 3 months. I can say right over the 3 month mark we started to see a difference. She was moved up mostly because of her uveitis. Her rhuematologist has said that before introducing new meds he would first continue to increase the MTX. I am still learning about all this.

Teal Sky said...

Your Jenna & my Sophia sound so much alike! This post could have been written about Sophia! People always give me strange looks when I say she has JRA b/c she is always jumping off tables or something. But after a day playing outside she almost always hurts (& before, but does that stop her? NO!) Keep up the good work with your girl.

Amy Cunningham said...

I know JUST what you mean Teal! She runs, jumps and plays like any other kid so people almost don't believe me. Then I pull up her pant legs and show them her knees. Or pull up her shirt sleeve and show them her elbow. Then they say, "OOOHHHHH....aha." She is a kid. She isn't supposed to slow down. The day she does....then I will be scared ;o)