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Totties Pretties on Etsy
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NEVER Going Back There

Jenna had her follow up with Dr. Berman today to check her eyes. I have never been overly impressed with him or anyone else on his staff. BUT since he is the ONLY somewhat local specialist we continued going to him. When we first started going o him Jenna was at a point where both eyes were quiet so we figured we would just see him every couple months to make sure things remain quiet. Odd that while under his care she has slowly gotten worse. On top of that he is extremely clinical and almost robotic. He is a pediatric specialist. He ONLY sees children. There is zero tolerance, compassion or patience. Today Jenna accidently kicked him while swinging her feet. She hardly touched him and he jumped and grabbed her foot. Then her head had tilted slightly so he shoved it back into place. YES....shoved. He got frustrated because she wasn't looking straight ahead. Work WITH her not AGAINST her. Then he said he wanted to test her pressures. Say wha? She had to be doped up on versed last time and she still fought but you go right ahead and try pal. NOW she is really kicking. So with one arm I am bear hugging her to hold her arms down and with the other hand I am holding her foot so she doesn't kick him. He asks his assistant to hold her head still. He is yelling at her to just HOLD STILL. I am calmly talking in her ear trying to reassure her. Then I decide to pull out the big guns...." Do you want a Webkinz? " I just want it over. I'd buy her a car at this point. She calms down and he checks her pressures. They're fine. We are done and leaving. I notice big red welts on her neck, shoulders and cheeks. *GASP* Oh no...uh uh....we are NEVER coming back here. No sir. Oh yeah and by the way...we are increasing drops in her left eye but he doesn't want to see her for FOUR WEEKS. No problem'll never see her again.


Teal Sky said...

Yeah, NEVER! It makes me cringe to just think of her going through this. I think one of the best things about S's JRA right now is that I found a good lab tech for blood draws. Now I call ahead & make sure he is there before going in. You will find a good doc--keep looking, it is worth it! You are doing good keeping on top of all this.

Amy Cunningham said...

Thank you Teal. What makes ME cringe is all the screaming I hear coming from the other rooms and the kids begging their Moms not to bring them in. The sad thing is that he is ALL we have here in Maine. So I guess it's frequent trips to Cambridge Mass for us. Oh well. Better than the torture chamber. Blood draws are tricky for us too. We have two techs that we can use. One at the rhuemy and one at the hospital. *sigh*

mom4eyes said...

It took us a year to find the right medical team for my children. Not that the others weren't excellent physicians. It is important to find someone that your child feels comfortable with. Hang in there and trust your gut. I have refused pressures at the specialist. Instead I have had them done at the pediatric ophthalmologist or optometrist. It is more appointments but worth it. Regarding sedating, have you tried a natural product to make her sleepy? It is just a thought; mine are older so I don't need to worry about that. Melatonin puts my kids out and a preliminary study (Nov. 2008) indicates that it may prevent uveitis.. so it couldn't hurt... unless it make her whiny instead of relaxed.

tanya or MOM said...

i also use melitonin for my kids ;)
As far as Bermen i do agree with you . it just sucks that there isnt more in maine. my suggestion is Boston Childrens. We met with an awesome lady there. on this journey of medical roads we take we learn so much more and how to be assertive. Always go with your gut!!!!!

S and S said...

Sorry I didn't read this until now. If you ever want company on a ride to Mass. I'll come along! I hope things go better! Sorry to hear about the experience.

Amy Cunningham said...

Sam that is good to know and I just MAY hold you to that!