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Totties Pretties on Etsy

Totties Pretties on Etsy
Tottie's Pretties are ribbon wrapped headbands adorned with flowers & gems or perfect boutique bows. Banding Girls Together to Find a Cure for Childhood Arthritis. Tottie's supports CARRA and the Arthritis Foundation.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

2011 Charlotte NC Jingle Bell Run/Walk For Arthritis

A few months back, I got an email from our local Arthritis Foundation office asking me if Jenna would like to be the Youth Honoree for the 2011 Charlotte Jingle Bell Walk/Run for Arthritis. WOW! I felt so honored that they thought of my girl. What an amazing opportunity for us to do what we are so passionate about, raising awareness that kids get arthritis too. At first Jenna was not thrilled about this. She is a very shy, introverted child. She does not like any attention drawn to her. At the JA Conference she seemed to gain a bit more acceptance and understanding of the disease. Somewhere along the way she has also gained some sort of self assurance, some confidence maybe? She is apparently performing songs and dance in her kids class at church. She is very excited about a concert at school in which she hopes to be chosen to play an instrument. She has also gotten excited about being the Youth Honoree for the Jingle Bell Walk/Run. :o) If you would like to donate, join our team or form one of your own, you may do so at

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Pattie said...

Hello, just came across your it! My daughter was just asked to be the Honoree for our walk here in San Diego! We are so excited!