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Totties Pretties on Etsy
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blessed & Thankful

 Today we were able to go back to the church in South Carolina that so generously funded our trip to the Juvenile Arthritis Conference. The two words "Thank You" will NEVER be enough, they will NEVER express our gratitude to these people. Without them we would not have been able to attend the conference. The experience of attending is indescribable. The impact that it had on Kailey, Jenna and myself is intense. While telling of her experience today to the group, Kailey broke down in tears. (okay well I did too but that's besides the point) She told them about her new friend Parker and how amazing he is. She said that Parker is her hero, her inspiration. She wants to be a better person because of him. No matter how sick he is, no matter how much pain he endures, he remains happy and positive. She said that now when she thinks about complaining or she hears another kid complaining, she wants to say, "HEY, GET OVER YOURSELF." For Kailey, this is pretty big. :) In Jenna we see a better understanding of her disease, it's hers and she needs to own it. For me, the bonds formed FAR out way the educational experience. These other Moms are what will get me through this. I just wish that I could somehow express to this group of folks at the United Methodist Church in Fort Mill SC how so very thankful I am. We are TRULY blessed.


Michelle Jones said...

Wow, that is so awesome!!! I am glad that you were able to go and yes, you truly are blessed <3

Courtney said...!

I am so happy that you were able to experience Conference and knowing that it had such a positive impact on you and so many other families makes me want to go all the more!!

Lentini Family said...

Your post brought me to tears...and I hope you know that you and your girls touched my heart. To know that some good has come out of what Parker endures is quite profound. And please tell your girls that Parker had such a fabulous time with them at the conference and he wishes (me too) that we had more time together. Love you gals. Rochelle

Amy Cunningham said...

Thanks Michelle :)

Courtney, you guys HAVE to make it to Indianapolis next year!! My goal is to attend EVERY year as a family. The impact is life changing. Was for us anyway. i so wish you could have made it this year. You were missed. :(

Amy Cunningham said...

Rochelle we posted at the same time!! LOL! Parker is touching so many lives! Certainly everyone in this Sunday school class knows about him now too as well anyone reading this blog. I have to believe that ALL of this, ALL that we go through IS for a reason. We HAVE to find the good in all He does. :) Next year Rochelle, next year the Lentini's and Cunningham's will hang in Indianapolis!