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Totties Pretties on Etsy
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Friday, February 11, 2011

We were SO close!!

We almost made it through the entire Winter without any major, fever producing bug of any kind. So close, but not quite. She certainly hasn't had a great Winter. She has had lots of fatigue and pain issues but she hadn't gotten sick. Considering all that has gone through her school and the fact that NC is having yet another crummy Winter, I felt really lucky. Last Saturday she was very clingy, didn't want me leaving her side for any reason, more emotional than usual and just generally out of sorts. I just figured she was more tired than usual. Then Sunday morning she awoke with'll just say messy pants. She's 7 now, so....that's certainly not typical. She said her belly hurt pretty bad but that she felt okay otherwise and she really didn't want to miss church. *sigh* She loves church, she cried when I told her I didn't think she should go. She assured me she would be fine. So she went and indeed she did seem okay. She was very quiet the rest of the day though and said her belly still hurt. Monday morning I decided to keep her home given the belly pain, "messy pants", and she had Humira and MTX injections Sunday afternoon. I figured a day of rest was in order. She seemed just fine all day and night so Tuesday morning we sent her off to school. Well, she came home digging in her ear and crying that it hurt really bad. Oh she broke my heart. This is the kid that has pain EVERY day in her hands, legs, feet and God only knows where else. She rarely even mentions that pain never mind cry over it. This was open mouthed sobbing, for HOURS, like, all night long hours. I was giving her Motrin, warm washcloths, nothing soothed her. By morning she had a temp of 103. Aw crud. So I called her peds office first thing. They typically have plenty of "sick kid" appointments. This time they had sick doctors. Aw crud. So they had no appointments and suggested we go to Urgent Care which actually was fine with me since they are literally right up the road. The place was surprisingly deserted when we got there so she was seen very quickly. She saw a nurse practitioner , which again, was fine by me, since I think many times they are way more thorough and have a better bedside manner. She took one look in Jenna's ear and said, "OH YEAH! It's infected alright! It's red, inflammed and full of blisters!". EWWWW! Full of blisters?? OUCH. Poor thing no wonder she was sobbing so hard and long! They had also just done a strep swab. She asked if I cared about the results as treatment would be the same. Nope, doesn't matter. She said it's likely positive since her throat didn't look so hot either. Same end result anyway, antibiotics. I finally remembered to suggest Omnicef on the 1st try. It is the only antibiotic that works for my kids yet it is always the 2nd string med. So, a 10 day course for her to kick this infection in the tail. After 2 doses, plus Motrin and Tylenol piggy backed her fever, which had climbed to 104, finally broke, left and stayed gone! Her belly is still bothering her so she is being very cautious about what she eats and how much of it. She is still even more tired than she normally is. She is resting on her own without being told and is able to laydown through an entire feature length film. That is saying an awful lot for Miss Jenna Bean! So that was Wednesday that we started the Omnicef, it's now Friday and day 3 of no school. She is enjoying being home but she misses school too. I think she will be happy to go back on Monday. If we can finish off Winter with this being her only major illness, I'll call that a success!!
On a small side note, only 26 more days until her appointments at Duke Children's!! I am so happy, excited, eager to get her back in there!

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