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Totties Pretties on Etsy
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Is it Spring yet????

So I was I mentioned here in this post a couple of weeks ago, we somehow managed to get through Winter fairly unscathed. But, I figured, one ear infection is still really awesome considering all the crud going through her classroom. She started a 10 day course of Omnicef on Wednesday the 9th and finished on Saturday the 19th. On Sunday the 20th my Mother flew in with my 12 year old daughter from Maine, LONG story not for here, and I was really hoping we could all have a healthy visit for the upcoming week. Having JUST come off an antibiotic, what were the odds really of Bean coming down with anything?? HA! On Wednesday the 23rd Kailey, my Mom and I were having a "big girls" day out at a mall about 45ish minutes away while the small ones were at school and Daddy was sleeping (after working all night). Around 1:20 my phone rings and it's Beanz school on caller ID, CRUD. I answer, and it's her teacher, sounding very apprehensive on the other end, DOUBLE CRUD. She swears that Jenna was FINE all morning, then after lunch Jenna told her she was tired so she told her go ahead and lay your head on your desk and just rest. She said like *THAT* she was asleep. She went over and felt her and she was burning up. She took her temp, 103.7. She called me immediately but of course we were 45ish minutes away. I tried calling Daddy repeatedly, but his phone was silenced. Urgh. When I got to school she was asleep in the nurses office, Poor Bean. By this time of day I knew not to even bother with her peds office so we went straight to Urgent Care. Poor thing couldn't stay awake, her breathing and pulse were way too fast and temp still up. Same high temp as with the ear infection yet her body reacted totally different. Since her throat was red and pussy they swabbed her for strep, no brainer, it was positive. Back on antibiotics! She was off for less than a week! Considering all this, I made the executive decision to hold her MTX this week. This way her body can have a chance to fight off ALL the infection, regain some strength, and then we'll hit her with Humira and MTX next Friday.

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