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Totties Pretties on Etsy

Totties Pretties on Etsy
Tottie's Pretties are ribbon wrapped headbands adorned with flowers & gems or perfect boutique bows. Banding Girls Together to Find a Cure for Childhood Arthritis. Tottie's supports CARRA and the Arthritis Foundation.

Friday, December 12, 2008

We Got Good News!!!!!

I swear to you.....this HAS to be some sort of Christmas miracle. No joke. Jennas eyes are......drumroll please........"quiet". That's right....."quiet"! My heart still races today to say that. We simply could not believe it. Just two weeks ago her left eye had "to many cells to count" and her right eye had 5 or 6 cells. Yesterday Dr. Foster said the word I really wondered if I would EVER hear....."quiet". I have never heard a more beautiful word. Here is the theory...... she has been on Methotrexate for her JRA since September at a dose of 0.4 ml 1x weekly. That dose was increased to 0.6 3 wks ago due to a flare up in her joints. The thought is that the increase in dose plus the fact that she has now been on it for three months so it has finally kicked in and is working on her eyes as well as her joints. So from now she will continue the pred forte every four hours until she sees the specialist in Portland on the 23rd. If her eyes are still quiet then we will start to taper. She will need to be seen weekly while tapering. IF the cells come back while tapering Dr. Foster wants to see her back immediately to start Remicade. I honestly am just SO amazed at this turn around. I'm not sure if it's the Methotrexate finally kicking in or.......all the prayer and positive thoughts that all our friends and family sent her way yesterday. Either way a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, there is a spring in my step and my whole world is brighter. I swear that Jennas mood/attitude/behavior is different today to. God Bless you all who prayed for us.

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