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Totties Pretties on Etsy
Tottie's Pretties are ribbon wrapped headbands adorned with flowers & gems or perfect boutique bows. Banding Girls Together to Find a Cure for Childhood Arthritis. Tottie's supports CARRA and the Arthritis Foundation.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Many times I am asked how I get through the day without crying. I answer that honestly, some days I don't. Some days I do cry, I do get angry. I think that's normal. But overall, I know that we are blessed, despite our trials. Of course I have days that I wish that our daughter wasn't battling a chronic, painful disease. But, that's the hand we were dealt. I recently had a friend tell me that she is "Currently having a disagreement with God." You see her son was diagnosed with a chronic illness. She hasn't yet seen the gift in it. Or, possibly she has, but still can't "forgive God" if you will. That may offend some people but that's how I see it. When we or a loved one are handed a crappy deal, we get angry with God. What do you do when you are angry? Stay angry, or forgive. I see the blessings that her sons disease has put in her life, I think she does too, but she isn't THERE yet. For the most part, I am okay with where we are. Sure, Jenna has daily pain, wakes up stiff and unable to bend her legs or flex her feet, takes way too many medications, gets sick from those medications, has muscle weakness, walks with a limp, struggles to keep up with her peers. But you know what? I have recently learned to just watch her, just silently observe. I'm still not sure if she even notices any of these things about herself, but if she does, she doesn't seem to mind. So why should I? She adjusts and presses on, so why shouldn't I? She really is quite amazing! Just last night I was watching her sit in the recliner, playing her brother's guitar (she is teaching herself!). She stopped strumming, wiggled around, adjusted her legs, sat and looked at them for a moment, it was clear they were hurting her, then she settled and began strumming again. AMAZING! Yesterday morning I heard her coming down the stairs on her bum, slowly, because her legs and feet weren't cooperating. When she got to the bottom, she stood up, got her backpack and went about the tasks of getting ready for school. AMAZING! There is beauty in everything, even in suffering. It is up to US to find that beauty!
There is a Mom right now, sitting in the hospital with her one and only baby girl. They are on day 27 in the hospital. On day 28, she celebrates her 5th birthday. That will mark 5 years of being sick. Now, how would YOU handle all of this. Here is how this Mom handles it....with grace and thanks.....

Some of the most beautiful man made things I have ever seen were all the amazing stained glass windows in Paris. They remind me of Eleanor. When the world looks at her unfortunately they see a bunch of broken glass and pieces that don't fit perfectly. When I see her I see all the small pieces coming together, the many breathtaking colors forming an awesome little girl.I will never understand why God made her so different but I know that she was made perfect and in His image. She is exactly the little girl He knew she would be and I am blessed beyond belief to not only know her but to be able to say she is MINE!

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Deetipton said...

I love you, Amy. I haven't commented in a long time, have I? I've had less to say lately. However, all I can think of is that I need to give you an "Amen!" to this. It could always be worse. Arthritis sucks, but our kids aren't necessarily terminal. Oh, there's always a chance, but the likelihood isn't like, say, brain cancer. I see the beauty in my kids every day. I totally adore them. Obviously, a lot of other people that know them in person do, too. It's because their diseases have made them more sympathetic to others, more compassionate, stronger, & less likely to complain than others. Yeah, our kids are pretty darn amazing! <3 I hope that your friend makes her peace soon. I think it just takes a while.