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Totties Pretties on Etsy
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

This is probably more for me than you...

I think this post will mostly just be for documentary purposes for myself. Who knows? Maybe it will help someone. Ya never know right? So, anyway, Bean has been battling fatigue for sometime now. She pretty much always tires out more than a "normal, healthy" kid. But lately it just seems worse. And of course with this comes.....IRRITABILITY. Oh yeah, that's a good time. All this week she has been struggling to wake up in the morning for school. Wake up time for her is 6:45 and bed time is 8:00. I don't really think that I could get her to bed before 8 and there is no way to let her sleep later on a school day. So, she struggles to wake up and get herself dressed, she then slides down the stairs on her tush, lays down while I get her meds and oatmeal ready, BARELY makes it through sitting up long enough to feed herself and drink her juice, watching her lift her spoon she may as well be lifting a brick. She then crawls, not walks, crawls up the stairs to brush her teeth and hair and then we are off to the bus stop. We used to walk to the bus stop as it's just around the corner. Now we drive. She says it's too cold on her legs and she just doesn't have the energy to walk there and stand while waiting on the bus. Yesterday at school she wet her pants. Really?? Not just a dribble and then she stopped it. She soaked them and said she had no clue that she even had to go. Gee, tired much? Today I kept her home from school and she has finally admitted that YES, she IS more tired than her "normal tired". But what the heck am I supposed to do? She isn't sick. No fever, headache, tummy ache, nothing. How long do I keep her home for being tired? How long will this go on? I was hoping to get her in to her regular ped today but she is off on Thursdays, of course. Bean's crummy mood is really on my last nerve even though I know that it isn't her fault. I really wish she would just nap instead of being so moody and pissy ya know? If she's admitting that she's tired, than why won't she rest?! *sigh* Pray for us y'all. It's going to be a very long day.

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Bridget said...

My sweet old friend I am sooooooo sorry that you are going through this. When I get frustrated with my son I need to take more then a second thought at what we have. All my love and heart felt support to you. Call me if you need to. I remember the great times we use to have and miss them.