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Totties Pretties on Etsy
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Friday, November 5, 2010

A Little Of this, A Little Of That....

So let's see, where are we? Okay, so, both of my small ones have been "junky" for some time now. Lots of snot and mucus but no fever. So, whadda ya do? No fever, not sick right? Just keep rinsing the mucus down the sink and wiping the snot. Well, on Wednesday I had Bub into the pediatrician for a follow up on something else. While he was in there anyway she gave him the usual once over. Hmm....his lungs are junky. I'm going to give a 3 day course of Zithromax to get it out of his system. So I tell her that if he's needing antibiotics that I had better get Bean in because she sounds the same! Only snottier! So I brought Bean in this morning. Now Bub just finished his last dose this morning and is NO different. She listens to Bean, Yup she's junky too. They are now both going on Omnicef. I need to start keeping better track. I am 98% sure that this is what they always end up on after trying Zithromax. Going to have to look into that. So we agree that Bean needs to skip her MTX this weekend to allow her body, along with the Omnicef to kick this crap out and get her feeling better! Poor thing has been so tired and washed out. Seeing the bags under her eyes kills me.
Speaking of eyes, I noticed today while waiting for the doctor, her eyes are very bloodshot. Hmm...from being tired? Maybe. From a Uveitis flare? Maybe. So....what do I do? I hate to bring her in for nothing. I don't want to be that Panicky Parent ya know? I'm thinking that if there is no improvement in the appearance of her eyes by Monday then I am going to call and get her in. Better safe than sorry I suppose.
At her last visit with the rheum, seen here, he said her joints were fine. Not flaring. That it's the hyper mobility causing the pain. For me? The jury is still out. I don't know doc. Mornings have been AWFUL for her. She is walking peg legged, won't bend down because it hurts her back.
Sitting is getting to be more and more painful but so is standing. Well WTH is she supposed to do at school??
And speaking of THAT, we are finally going to get her on a 504 plan at school. We really should have done it last year. She is not a "normal kid" and so can't be treated or taught as one. I mentioned it to her teacher and I swear the woman sighed with relief! HAHAHA! She is in 100% agreement that Bean needs a 504. So, now we just need to figure out what accommodations she'll need. I need to at least have a rough idea put together by Monday morning when we meet with her teacher and the school guidance counselor. I know that we won't get it all ironed out that morning but it's a start. And my AWESOME JRA MOMMY SOLDIERS have helped me tremendously with this!!! I cannot thank God enough for bringing these families into my life.

These are pics that I took of Bean reading the Bible that she saw at the doctors office today. I have NEVER seen a Bible there. It was very strange. She got so excited when she spotted it. She snatched it up, climbed up onto the table, laid out and started reading :)

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