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Totties Pretties on Etsy
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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Follow Up Appointment with Dr. Berman

Jenna had her follow up with Dr. Berman today. I was SO nervous. I didn't like the idea of sedating her. Turns out she's a RIOT when doped up! The oral versed worked well enough that they were able to do the exam without completey knocking her out. Her pressures are normal. YAY! Vision is fine. YAY! Right eye "quiet", left eye "no active inflammation". YAY! So we now taper to drops once a day for the next two weeks. At that point hopefully every other day with a three week follow up. *sigh* I'm starting to see that bright light. Now back to the versed for a moment.....picture your funniest drunk friend. That was Jenna times about 100. She was so loopy it was hysterical. She couldn't sit up, her speech was slurred, her eyes were rolling and she wasn't making any sense. She goes to see Dr. Daihke on the 14th for a follow up. I am eager to see what he has to say. Jenna has been in a lot of pain lately. Check back next week for that. Ciao!


S and S said...

Glad it went well! I have to tell you, she's in our prayers every Sunday during Bible study. When I get anesthesia I always cry afterwards!

Amy Cunningham said...

Thank you SO much for those prayers Sam! I honestly believe in the power of prayer. I have seen it work many times with Jenna :o)